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Hey friend! My name is stacey, and I am your new intuitive coach & guide.

Before I tell you all about my credentials: I love to travel, find new foods and experience new things. Most days you can find me eating all the vegetarian food, listening to true crime/social justice/ personal development podcasts, and reading as much as my schedule allows for. I love to make paper crafts, jalapeno margaritas, bad jokes, and handmade pasta. (Is food a major theme in my life? The answer is abso-fucking-lutely.) I am storyteller with a gift for inspiring others, facilitating brainstorming, and outside the box problem solving.

I have been reading tarot for the 10+ years, and I come from a line of woman that used their gifts with the magical arts as a way to connect with the universe and those around the, I spent many years mentoring under some gifted mediums, tarot readers, and astrologers. I am studying the power of numerology, and astrology currently, and those are new forms of the healing modality that I am so excited by. I am of Polish and Russian heritage, and I have recently started to explore the history of my birthright to earthly folk magic, and metaphysical healing that lives within my bloodline. I incorporate my slavic roots into my personal practices, and the type of guidance I offer to others.