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Good Shit


The best things in life are found by word of mouth…

“So Stacey did a reading for me at the Bumble Vancouver event, and it was so ridiculously spot on, to the point that I thought she was pretty much reading my brain. She provided me the best sneak peak I could have possibly imagined. If you're into Tarot, brand new to the ritual, or just fond of all things spiritual and woo woo, Stacey and her readings will absolutely have something in store for you.”



"I’ve seen Stacey for tarot readings 5 times now and every time I think the same thing, “I have never met someone so connected to their cards.” What I am really saying there is that I have never met someone so connected to their intuition. The readings have been enlightening, consistent and honest. I love that she doesn’t sugar coat the so-called negative cards or spread, she’s open about what she senses and what the cards are telling her, I really appreciate that. Stacey is the best, don’t hesitate.”

— Megan Jane Soutar, reiki PRACTITIONER, WOMEN'S coach and all round badass

 “Don’t be fooled by her youthful glow, Stacey may be young but she has been studying Tarot for over a decade. Engaging best if you trust her like a BFF Stacey has the ability to make you feel the most comfortable during your reading while showing a genuine interest in the meaning of your spread. Stacey Coplin is a tarot reader with a healing intuition.”

Kassandra Guagliardi, Timber Events

“Sitting down with Stacey Coplin was like hanging out with an old friend. You may have seen her at our last pop-up – she was the warm, sassy, no-bullshit, red-head reading Tarot cards for guests in the middle of a crowded room. With a precise yet easy going focus Stacey has the ability to block out distraction and focus intently on the story at hand – your story!”

— Joanna Keller, Joanna keller beautique



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